Chechen Wars

28mm Chechen Wars Miniatures -- Kicktraq Mini

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Our Kickstarter went live on the 1st October and aims to bring into production 20 new 28mm modern miniatures from renowned sculptor Igor Karpov (Ratnik Productions / Lead Adventure).R2F

The Kickstarter is to fund production of 10 Chechen and 10 Russian VDV Recon figures in dynamic and characterful poses, armed with a variety of small arms.  In addition, throughout the 21 day campaign there will be stretch goals announced, exclusively for backers who pledge at the highest level.


The 20 highly detailed master sculpts are already finished and at Tiny Terrain Models offices, so funding will be used simply to get production moulds made and your miniatures cast.


The initial funding level is set at a very modest £1500, with pledge levels ranging from £4 to £50, the higher of which which gives you all 20 miniatures and access to the stretch goals as they are announced.


To join us, and pledge your support for these fantastic miniatures please go directly to our Kickstater page by clicking here

Thank you in advance for supporting us,

Craig & Su

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