LAW01 – Law Enforcers

Law Enforcers


 14 x 28mm metal Law Enforcer miniatures (13 men and 1 tracker dog). Designed for use as Police, DEA, Border Patrol, CBP, FBI, Policia Federales or Mexican Army/Marines on anti-Cartel operations.

Includes miniatures in a variety of poses including firing, guarding, moving and breaching, and with a choice of headgear sets*.  Pick the headgear set you want from  SWAT Style helmets and balaclava’s, Baseball caps, Bush hats or a mixed pack of all three.

Suitable for : Modern Law Enforcement, Drug Wars, Border Wars, Modern Warfare

Pack Details : 14 Figures – 13 men, 1 dog & choice of head types

Set Price : £33..00

Law Enforcers with SWAT Helmet & Balaclava’s: 

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Law Enforcers in Baseball Caps:

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Law Enforcers in Bush Hats:

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Law Enforcers in Mixed Headgear:

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