El Narcos

El Narco Cartel Member 28mm MiniaturesThe recently launched El Narco range (the 12 Cartel members of  pack reference NARC01)

Tiny Terrain Models are currently working on a new range of 28mm metal miniatures for playing scenarios set in  the “War on Drugs” along the Mexican / US Border. The range which is being sculpted by our Chief Sculptor Phil Lewis, is already well underway with 12 cartel members now available to buy ( NARC01 – Cartel Members ).

14 Law Enforcers to play with the El Narco goons above are already sculpted and due for release in the next few weeks.

LE-Web-14 “Greens” (masters) from Law Enforcers pack LE01, shown with baseball caps

The first 14 Law Enforcers (pack reference: LE01) includes 13 men and 1 tracker dog. All come with a choice of baseball caps, balaclavas & helmets, or bush hats, allowing them to be built as Police, SWAT, DEA, Border Patrol, Mexican Policia Federales, Mexican Marines or even private security personnel for the Cartel. There are a wide range of poses in the pack including 2 minis with ballistic shields and drawn pistols, breachers, marksmen, moving & firing, K9 tracking team and some more relaxed guard poses (shown above).

LE-Web-22 more “Greens” (masters) from the Law Enforcers pack LE01

All 14 miniatures in the Law Enforcers pack have just gone to our casters for moulding, and first casts should be back to us for final for checking in the next 2 weeks. Once we have received these and the production casts are underway we will then run a pre-order event giving 10% discount and free worldwide shipping.

In addition to the miniatures in the new El Narco range, 3 1:50 scale resin & metal vehicles have been produced, and will be available summer/Autumn 2017. These are a mix of US / Mexican Security vehicles and rides for the Cartel.

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